1. Background & Purpose

As Google Ajax Library, Microsoft ASP.net CDN, SAE, Baidu, Upyun and etc are providing free CDN for JS libs, but most of them only provide services for JS libs. We find that CDNJS storing much more libs, JS / CSS / Images / Swf, whereas it is slow in China and DO NOT provide libs that created by Chinese developers.

Thus we decide to provide a warehouse to store open-source libs as much as possible, and serve them via a more stable & fast CDN. In addition, we also provide you an entrance for submitting libs, including JS / CSS / Images & SWF files.

2. Updates

The repo fetches updates from CDNJS everyday as well as users' pull requests. If you can't find the right version at staticfile.org. Please open an issue or send us a Pull Request.

3. Policy

Most libs are licensed under MIT / BSD. However, there're libs like Highcharts that are commercial but free for personal use. If you are intending to use this service, please read the license carefully.

4. Author & CDN Provider

Current Maintainers: History Maintainers:

The free CDN service is sponsored by Qiniu. We also fetch updates from CDNJS.

5. License

This repo is open-source. Licensed under MIT.